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technical consultation and engineering

customer training

monitoring and maintenance of pipe networks

insulation by professionals

Technical consultation and engineering

Our team of experienced technicians will accompany you from the beginning of the project through to commissioning. It carries out tube-static calculations as well as design dimensioning of pipe networks. Using heat loss calculations, we work together with our customers to develop the best possible solution.

During the realization, our project engineers take part in construction meetings in order to ensure an optimal project execution. They can respond quickly to short-term changes and organize the production of additional components if needed. On-site support optimally coordinates the deliveries of the individual construction stages. Unexpected challenges in track implementation can be checked and approved at short notice.

Insulation by professionals

Decisive for the service life of a pipe system is the permanent tightness of the plastic jacket pipe connection.

Since particularly the joints represent a critical point in a pipe network, insulation work is done by our assembly team on site to ensure the highest possible quality.

Monitoring and maintenance of pipe Networks

RK Infra pipe Systems are equipped with a leak detection System to identify a leakage. In additon to network Monitoring a precise localization of any leak is possible thanks to our leak detection System.


As a result, downtime and consequential Damage is minimized and the Costs for digging are kept as low as possible.

Customer training

For a long and maintenance-free service life of pipe systems professionally trained personnel is required. Therefore, we offer our customers installation trainings in order to achieve the best possible Quality. These can be held in the workshop, at the customer or directly on the occasion of the initial assembly on the construction site for the corresponding product.


Each participant will receive a personally issued mounting pass, which identifies him as one of our authorized installer. Training dates may be agreed on in the short term, especially during the off-season winter / spring is time for detailed training sessions.

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